Tritonal Offer Up Hypnotizing New Single “Hung Up”


Following up on their excellent album Painting With Dreams from back in September, Tritonal are back with their latest single “Hung Up.” The duo’s new effort is a collaboration with vocalist Emma Gatsby and ranks as a hypnotizing blend of dancefloor rhythms and emotive pop.

A plodding piano progression and drifting ambience start the song, before a plucked synthesizer sequence and light hand percussion fill the speakers. Emma Gatsby’s angelic singing serves as a constant presence throughout the track, offering up some vocal hooks that are sure to tug at the heart strings. Moving into the drop, a simple four on the floor beat takes over as Tritonal craft sublime vocal chop melodies and reverb drenched soundscapes.

Tritonal are the type of producers that never disappoint, and “Hung Up” holds true in this regard. On their new outing, the duo manage to strike the perfect balance between moving rhythms and bittersweet melodies, with Emma Gatsby’s emotive crooning cementing the song’s melodic content. All in all, it’s another great song and we’re glad to see Tritonal back with new material so soon after their most recent album.