Gareth Emery, KOVEN. And Others Hop On Tritonal’s Remix Series For “Getaway”


Tritonal‘s “Getaway” isn’t among the more unexpected stylistic departures to be featured on their upcoming album, but that’s not to speak for other artists’ creative interpretations. The duo have released an official remix series for the track that features re-imaginings by Gareth Emery, KOVEN., Axis, Matt Fax and Jengi Beats.

Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge’s remix is at the top of the pile – both literally and figuratively. We’ve already sung their version’s praises for its euphoric, layered arrangement, but it still makes for the best-produced version of the track that we’ve heard.

KOVEN. deconstructs the melodies of “Getaway” and uses them to effectively flesh out a drum and bass framework, while Axis and Matt Fax’s reworks simply offer two more iterations of the main stage formula. Jengi Beats, meanwhile, closes out the series on an unexpected note with a remix that proves difficult to categorize.

With the release of Tritonal‘s Painting With Dreams nearly upon us, the remix series for “Getaway,” which is one of the singles released early from the effort, should serve to stoke fans interest. After listening to each of the tracks above, let us know what you think by commenting below.