Turn Up The Bass For Cash Cash’s “Escarole”


Big room, hip-hop, progressive – is there anything Cash Cash can’t do? While festival season was still in full swing the trio surprised us by putting out an impressive trap anthem in the form of “Devil,” and their latest release takes them through even more uncharted territory as “Escarole” falls somewhere in between the categories of future house and bass house.

We’re not sure what the wide-leaf version of an endive has to do with anything in the track (a vocal sample kindly reminds the listener, “If you don’t got money don’t fuck wit’ us,” for instance), but as we’re beginning to get used to from Cash Cash, the sound design elements are impressive enough that it doesn’t really matter. A heavily modulated bass line in the beginning sets a lively tone for the track, and LFO loop wobbles near the end give it a danceable edge that doesn’t come across as forced as you might expect.

It’s a great song and just might be my favorite of Cash Cash‘s unexpected stylistic departures. Check it out above and be sure to make a stop in the comments section below and let me know whether or not you feel the same way.