Turn It Around With DubVision’s New Single


In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll admit right now that I’m not the biggest DubVision fan. I have nothing against the Dutch brothers, it’s just that their music has never done much for me. That being said, I cannot get enough of “Turn It Around,” the duo’s new single that just hit Beatport today.

The melodic anthem isn’t a far cry from their typical sound, in fact, it’s fairly in line with what we’re used to hearing from them, but it’s a killer track and I’ve been digging it ever since I heard it played out by various artists on the festival circuit this summer.

Full of emotion, excellent production, and haunting female vocals, the progressive house song builds and builds with energetic synths until it gets to its drop, which couldn’t be more perfect and fitting.

Take a listen to “Turn It Around” below and if you dig it, head on over to Beatport and pick up the latest release from DubVision.