Two Friends Drop A Remix Of The Chainsmokers’ “Closer”


While rumors have been taking off regarding a festival friendly remix of “Closer” by The Chainsmokers themselves, soul house duo Two Friends have teamed up with Class & Clowns on their own energetic rework of the Halsey driven single.

The new remix of “Closer” features a breezy sound with summery guitar plucks, crashing hand claps and upbeat rhythms. After setting the mood with an extended intro, Two Friends and Class & Clowns introduce the familiar piano interlude from the original mix as Andrew Taggart’s vocals run over top. The verses keep things relatively the same, but the remix really takes things in a new tangent throughout the drops, which feature blaring sawtooth synths, trap style beats and wild vocal chops.

Two Friends and Class & Clowns deliver a solid production on their remix of “Closer,” injecting plenty of dancefloor ready energy into the flip while preserving the poppy qualities that have helped the single gain steam as a bona fide hit.