Tyler Glenn Releases New Song From Solo Album


With each song that Tyler Glenn releases from his upcoming solo album, it’s getting harder and harder to really miss music from Neon Trees. The Neon Trees vocalist is doing something much different – and arguably better – with his solo career, and he just released another new song that shows how serious he’s taking the new venture.

Glenn will be dropping his debut solo album, Excommunication, on October 21st, and the songs that have been released thus far pretty much sound like Neon Trees juiced up with steroids. Today’s track, “G.D.M.M.L GRLS,” which stands for “God didn’t make me like girls,” is an upbeat dance number backed by a powerful message – 80’s-influenced drums and guitar tones loom in background as Glenn sings about being gay growing up in the church. Overall, it’s remarkably candid and unapologetic – but that’s always been Glenn’s personality from the start, so maybe going solo hasn’t changed things too much.

While Glenn gears up to release what will potentially be one of the best records of his career, things on the Neon Trees side of things have obviously slowed down. Though they did release a one off single last year in “Songs I Can’t Listen To,” so perhaps an album will emerge sometime next year after Tyler Glenn wraps up the cycle for Excommunication.

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