U2′s Spider-Man Musical Is Back On Track

A U2/Spider-Man musical, probably one of the strangest ideas I’ve heard in a while. Despite what you may think about the concept, it’s in the works. Rolling Stone is reporting that Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, featuring music from Bono and The Edge, is back on track and will be starting production shortly.

The concept has been around for a while but the project had trouble getting off the ground due to financial issues and casting changes. Now things are back on track and apparently rehersals will begin on August 18th.

The production will cost $50 million dollars and Reeve Carney has been cast to play Peter Parker. Other stars such as Evan Rachel Wood and Alan Cumming were attached to the project at one point but both have left due to the financial issues surrounding the project. Julie Taymor (Across The Universe) is set to direct the show.

Speaking out about the show, The Edge had this to say.

“It touches on opera, it touches on rock & roll,” he said. “There are some real character-driven songs as well, very unusual song types for us. It is much more like opera than a straight musical. We’re actually not calling it a musical for that reason because we don’t want to put people off.”

Being a big fan of U2 I’m interested to see how this turns out. The concept sounds a bit odd but it just may work. Even if the show itself ends up turning out poorly, you can be sure that the music will rock. U2 is one of the most talented bands out there and I’m sure that the music in the show will not disappoint.