Ultra Backstage Gives Golf Cart Confessions A Run For Its Money


It’s been the better part of a year since Ultra Music Festival graced the shores of Miami, but the festival’s organizers have only recently released a series of recap videos that capture this year’s festivities. A week ago they uploaded the official aftermovie of Ultra 2015, and now an interview series dubbed “Ultra Backstage” serves to document everything that went on behind the curtain this year.

The first thing that jumps out from Ultra Backstage is that it looks a whole lot like Insomniac Events’ Golf Cart Confessions series, all the way down to the cute hostess in a golf cart. However, Ultra’s actually kind of done a better job – and that’s coming from a guy who absolutely loves all things Insomniac.

Where Golf Cart Confessions always features A-list DJs being subjected to the same one-size-fits-all line of questioning, Ultra Backstage puts the offstage talent front and center. Emcees, pyrotechnics and visual effects coordinators are given the floor, and while some of their responses seem a bit scripted (one coordinator swears up and down that everything is live and none of the artists play from a USB drive), they provide a behind-the-scenes perspective of the monumental stages that have become Ultra’s claim to fame.

Watch Ultra Backstage above and let us know if it’s made you more likely to attend Ultra Music Festival by sounding off in the comments section.