Ultra Brasil 2016 To Take Place In Rio


After making the initial announcement late last year, Ultra has now revealed that Ultra Brasil will be taking place in Rio de Janeiro. Up until this point, many had suspected Sao Paulo to play host to the festival, as that’s where both EDC and Tomorrowland’s Brasil outings take place. Ultra, however, will be switching things up and taking the excitement to Rio.

In case you couldn’t tell, South America is quickly becoming a very hot scene for EDM, and clearly festival organizers are sitting up and taking notice of that. Brasil has been consistently named as one of the most desirable party destinations on the planet, and having been to Rio before myself, I can tell you that it’ll be the perfect destination to hold a festival like Ultra.

In fact, though there’s no plans for it just yet, I wouldn’t be surprised if the organizers turn the event into a week long celebration, like they do with Ultra Europe in Croatia.

For more on Ultra Brasil, which is set to go down in October, you can head on over to the official website. And be sure to stay tuned, as we’ll be bringing you the full lineup for the fest once it’s announced.

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