Ultra Singapore Releases Teaser For 2016 Edition


As numerous festival brands assist in establishing electronic music culture as one of the most pervasive forces in modern entertainment, the Ultra Music Festival brand shows no signs of slowing its own global conquest down anytime soon. To put its name in people’s mouths good and early, the organizers of Ultra Singapore have revealed the official teaser for the massive’s 2016 edition.

Set to Sander Van Doorn and Moti’s “Lost,” the video succeeds in capturing the exhilarating energy of the festivals through its calculated use of crowd shots, stage shots, and scenery from the surrounding metropolis. Most importantly, however, a caption in the video reveals that the festival reads “2 days, 3 stages” – which indicates that Ultra Singapore has continued to expand since last year’s edition, which only took place on one day.

Now that people are talking about it, it stands to reason that Ultra Singapore will continue to release lineup details and other information in the months to follow.

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