Ummet Ozcan’s On The Run Is Big Room We Can Get Behind


I don’t often find myself singing the praises of big room house, but I also try to avoid dismissing anything just because of the genre label associated with it. After all, every style has its gems, and Ummet Ozcan‘s “On The Run” proves that there’s even room to explore in the festival-friendly variety of four-four dance music that’s become the EDM community’s favorite whipping boy in recent years.

A few measures of pump-you-up bass kicks build up to a savage synth melody that evokes a similar energy to Erick Morillo’s 1993 club hit “I Like To Move It.” The menacing progression is just interesting enough to hold your attention, although the drop is still admittedly pretty basic, and could only really work in a live, outdoor setting.

After listening to Ummet Ozcan‘s “On The Run,” do you suddenly find yourself sympathizing with the plight of big room house producers as well? Let us know by firing off a comment below.