This Unreleased Skrillex/Knife Party Collab Will Take You Back In Time


Electronic music trends shift at such a breakneck speed that often times it can feel like all your favorite moments are in the rearview mirror. Take the discography of Skrillex, for instance. From the EDM breakthrough of 2010 through most of 2013 he put out some of the more seminal dubstep of the time, but as the tides of the industry turned he all but abandoned his electro-tinged bass music style for a more updated sound.

Those who stayed through the end his set at Amsterdam Music Event were rewarded with something of a blast from the past, though, as Skrillex spontaneously incorporated an old, unreleased Knife Party demo into his set that harkens back to his pre-trap music stylings.

SoundCloud user Basspug uploaded a live recording of this portion of Skrillex’s set, which included narrative from the producer. “I just found it in my folders, hold on,” he shouts over the mic before a savage bass line rumbles from the speakers. “I’m just gonna find random records and play them – this is from 2012!”

The ID’s frenetic synth work and treacherous bass wobbles sound like exactly what a true fan wants both Skrillex and Knife Party to sound like. However, Skrillex only lets the demo play through one buildup and drop before putting on one of his old Fatboy Slim remixes (so that he can pee, according to what he tells the audience).

It’s safe to assume that Skrillex fans will be clamoring for the full release of this 2012 relic now that they’ve had a taste, so be sure t check back with us frequently, as we’ll post the high-quality version as soon as he makes it available.