Vanic Drops His Latest Single Via The Chainsmokers’ Label


Vanic has returned with a new single over the weekend, teaming up with British vocalist Katy Tiz to unleash a smooth collaboration titled “Samurai” on The Chainsmokers’ Disruptor Records. With “Samurai,” Vanic delivers a summery production with a mainstream sound, while the vocal collaboration provides some fresh melodic hooks to keep things memorable.

Vanic opens the new single with the pluck of a string-like synth, crafting a hypnotic introduction before Katy Tiz’s distinctive voice enters the mix to deliver a stripped down verse. Gradually building percussion works the energy up, before the phrase  “cut like a samurai” leads into a bouncy drop, with spellbinding vocal melodies taking the lead over rolling bass stabs and upbeat rhythms. “Samurai” passes through another verse before concluding with an extended coda that sees the drop growing in intensity as extra vocal passages are layered over top.

Listening to Vanic‘s latest offering, it’s not hard to see why The Chainsmokers would opt to release it on their imprint, with its perfect blend of dance friendly production points and catchy pop hooks courtesy of Katy Tiz.

“Samurai” is available now via Disruptor Records and can be purchased here.

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