Vicetone Brings The Bounce To Future House With Catch Me


It was much earlier in the festival season that when we first heard some fresh material from Vicetone, but now they’re back with another killer track.  The Dutch DJ/producer duo have been slaves to the rigors of touring over the past several months, but have still been able to put out a high-energy new single in the form of “Catch Me.”

A true genre bender, the track takes the elastic organ synths characteristic of future house and gives them the festival-friendly bounce of melbourne bounce. The whole of “Catch Me” succeeds in sounding like nothing else that’s really on the market right now – which is impressive considering that every other style under the sun has been thoroughly rinsed to death.

Then again, we kind of already knew that Vicetone were certifiable hitmakers. With any luck, they’ll be able to squeeze turn out a few more tracks as the season draws to a close as well.

Either way, give “Catch Me” by Vicetone a listen and let us know what you think by making a trip down to the comments section.