Vicetone Get Tropical On “Anywhere I Go”


Vicetone have released an uplifting new single over the weekend, delivering a smooth dance anthem on “Anywhere I Go.” Their latest track sees the Dutch duo exploring a tropical sound palette to great effect while managing to carve out a unique production.

“Anywhere I Go” opens with a serene progression, joined by enchanting female vocals that serve as a staple throughout the song’s runtime. Vicetone issue restraint throughout the verses, slowly layering in light percussion and hand drum samples. The drops feature a unique tropical vibe with a catchy string melody and a steady house beat that has plenty of energy for the dance crowds to appreciate.

Overall, Vicetone‘s latest effort delivers plenty of heartfelt melodies and summery vibes, elevated by some catchy vocal hooks that really push the song to the next level.

“Anywhere I Go” is available now via Spinnin’ Records and can be purchased here.

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