Vicetone Sample A Donna Summer Classic In “Hawt Stuff”


Spinnin’ Records might be going through something of a disco phase, and I’m not complaining one bit. Last week saw Australian DJ/producer Throttle’s debut on the label, and now Dutch progressive house duo Vicetone have released a track titled “Hawt Stuff” that samples Donna Summer’s 1979 hit of the 20th century title equivalent.

Even though it’s built around brief clips of the original, the song does feature distinctly modern production elements. And although it’s likely to find itself in countless DJ sets over the course of the 2016 festival season, the whole of the arrangement doesn’t betray the vibe of its source material,

“Hawt Stuff” by Vicetone will release through Spinnin’ Records on May 27th, but you can listen to a preview of the track in the SoundCloud player above. Between this effort and “Siren”, the Dutch duo appear to be putting in major work so far this year, so be sure to keep an eye on them over the coming months.