Vicetone Serve Up A Danceable Remix Of Bonnie McKee’s “I Want It All”


Vicetone are definitely starting to heat up this festival season. The Dutch DJ/producer Duo brought some disco flavor with their reimagining of Donna Summer’s “Hot Stuff” last month, and now their remix of Bonnie McKee’s “I Want It All” incorporates samples from the original into a unique progressive house framework.

Where in the source material, McKee’s vocals are accompanied by reverb-heavy guitar riffs, Vicetone’s version builds up to a bouncing groove with serene synth melodies. The drop itself isn’t the 20-megaton nuke that has become the main stage stereotype, but in the case of this track, it actually works better without it.

So far, Vicetone‘s remix of Bonnie McKee’s “I Want It All” is their second release since the Aurora EP – each of which are spaced apart by about a month. At this rate, we can expect more new music from the duo sometime in July, so look out for more from them at that time.