Vicetone’s “Siren” Ft. Pia Toscano Is Main Stage Gold


If you’re an electronic music fan, festival anthems are right up there with sandals, beach towels and the smell of wet grass as one of the things that make you feel like spring is in the air. Vicetone‘s no stranger to putting out exactly those kinds of tracks, as evidenced by their Pia Toscano collaboration, “Siren.”

Indeed, the track has all the ingredients necessary for it to spread through the festival circuit at an unstoppable pace. Toscano’s radio-friendly vocals are accompanied by a chorus of claps and a subtle electric violin sample during the buildup, and a trumpeting synth lead at the drop ensures that the melody won’t leave your mind anytime soon.

With a couple of main stage bangers under their belt so far, it’s safe to say that Vicetone are trying to get their names heard in 2016. Listen to what they’ve delivered for “Siren” in the SoundCloud player above and let us know what you think.