Victims Of The DVBBS Incident Seek $360,000 In Damages


In the first half of July, DVBBS found themselves at the center of some unwanted media attention following controversial events that transpired after their performance at the Hungarian festival Balaton Sound where multiple young women were found unconscious in their dressing room. After initial reports surfaced, a number of updates followed that saw the number of victims increase to as many as six, while the Canadian DJ duo at the center of it all received blowback to their career and reputation.

The young women involved in the incident are now reportedly seeking the equivalent of $360,000 in damages, and it is believed the matter will be settled outside of court. Of course, the negative ramifications surrounding the incident extend past monetary damages, as DVBBS have already been dropped from the Sziget lineup as a result.

While initial reports from Hungarian police stated that there were no signs of sexual misconduct, authorities have changed their position and are now actively investigating sexual assault from an as of yet unknown third party. As this story continues to develop, the details just seem to get worse and worse and it’s unclear at this point just how much of an effect it will have on DVBBS‘ DJ career.