VINAI Remain EDM’s Biggest Joke With “Get Ready Now”


Sometimes the internet chews up and spits out a musical act so quickly that you can’t help but feel sorry for them. Italian EDM outfit VINAI may have been the untimely victims of a seemingly random tidal wave of criticism when the scene united to burn them at the stake for last month’s “Techno,” but since they not-so-triumphantly returned with a release of scarcely any substance, it seems like as good a time as any for me to jump on the hatewagon.

So yeah, let me show you kids how to properly bag on a lousy artist. Take notes, this might come in handy later.

Forget about their music – because it is, after all, really forgettable – VINAI looks like Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike adopted two Jersey Shore casting rejects and taught them little more than how to fist pump to pre-recorded sets of music produced by Maarten Vorwerk. Even though I know these guys didn’t invent big room house, it somehow just feels right to blame them for it; they exude the greasy, sweaty, dripping-with-cheap-cologne air of false superiority that has rendered “EDM” a dirty word in 2015.

Oh, and “Get Ready Now” is to electronic music what Soulja Boy’s “Crank Dat” was to hip-hop: a sound that would be too big of an insult to a death rattle if I compared it to such.

Now I kinda’ hope that VINAI releases something else soon so that we can all come together to tear it apart again. Good game, guys.