Let Go To Volt & State, Sam Void and Avedon’s “Hold On”


As much as I like to hate on the main stage, there are a few outfits that do progressive house right. That increasingly short list includes Protocol Recordings signees Volt & State – and “Hold On,” their collaboration with Sam Void and Avedon, promises to live up to that reputation.

Even though it’s a radio-friendly anthem driven largely by a swelling top line, “Hold On” still features an expertly produced synth lead at the drop that manages not to sound like every other hoover synth stack on the market. Considering that the track is ideal for festival season, it must have simply been too hot for Volt & State, Sam Void and Avedon to sit on until then.

Speaking of which, the official release date for “Hold On” by Volt & State, Sam Void and Avedon is January 18th. Listen to the preview clip above and let us know if you’ll be looking out for the full version next week by commenting below.

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