Watch Deadmau5’s Full Live Set From Veld


Deadmau5 and his team unrolled an iconic production when he first began touring with his famed cube stage, so it only makes sense that the well received live show would be revamped and improved at some point. Festival goers in Toronto were the first to experience the new cube stage over the last weekend at VELD, and the images and footage that have surfaced so far present a jaw dropping visual show.

A fan who was present during deadmau5’s set at VELD happened to capture the entire performance via head cam and uploaded it for streaming, giving us our first long form look at the Cube 2.0 in action. The new stage reportedly cost $2 million to produce, and the video makes it clear that the budget was well spent. An impressive visual display is expertly coordinated to the music as a number of new and classic mau5 tracks play out over the course of an hour and twenty minutes.

The video quality isn’t always the best, but for most of us it’s the closest we’ll get to experiencing the new deadmau5 show for a while. Let’s just hope he stops teasing us and announces some firm tour dates sooner rather than later.

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