Watch Electric Forest’s Once Upon The Forest: Awakening


Electric Forest will return to Rothbury, Michigan next year, and the festival has released the first part of a promotional video series intended to stoke the general public’s interest. Titled Once Upon The Forest: Awakening, the clip accompanies the organizers’ announcement that the four-day affair will return on June 23-26 of 2016.

In addition to the crowd and artist shots expected of most promotional videos for live music events, Awakening effectively captures the “Forest family” aspect of the gatherings – a major selling point that has only received word-of-mouth advertisement up until now. The video opens with Rothbury fixture Cowboy Wally explaining that the grove of trees on which Electric Forest takes place was planted over the course of two days before segueing into heartfelt interviews with impassioned attendees.

Seeing as how Electric Forest‘s 2015 edition turned out to be one of its more controversial, perhaps the Once Upon The Forest videos will help it return to festivalgoers’ good graces.