Watch Martin Garrix And Bebe Rexha Perform On The Tonight Show


Martin Garrix made his debut on US television last night, appearing with vocalist Bebe Rexha on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to perform their latest single “In The Name Of Love.” The song was already live tested at Lollapalooza, but received a rather different treatment for the televised performance.

With musical support from The Tonight Show’s house band The Roots, Garrix and Rexha dropped a special live rendition of their song, with the Dutch DJ eschewing his usual role behind the decks to don an electric guitar. Rexha brings her A game to the performance with a powerful vocal delivery while the addition of traditional rock instrumentation makes for an interesting arrangement for “In The Name Of Love.”

Bebe Rexha steals the show with her emotive crooning while the new live arrangement brings a raw energy to “In The Name Of Love” that isn’t present on the polished studio version. The performance on The Tonight Show represents a major milestone for Martin Garrix as well, whose career shows no signs of slowing down.

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