Watch Panic! At The Disco Cover The Weeknd’s “Starboy”


People just can’t get enough of The Weeknd – even other musicians. He’s taken the industry by storm with the release of new music off his upcoming record, but the lead single, “Starboy,” is really the one responsible for turning heads. And, what better way to celebrate its success than to cover the song? That’s how Panic! At The Disco probably feels, as they recently covered the hit track for BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge.

Right off the bat, Panic! At The Disco shows that there’s no problem replicating the song vocally. Frontman Brendon Urie has a set of pipes that are up there with the best of them, and his higher register matches the kind we hear in “Starboy” effortlessly. Though it’s difficult to emulate what Daft Punk brings to the track, Urie and his band’s organic take on the electronic influence makes the cover all the more natural and intimate.

If Panic! At The Disco’s rendition of “Starboy” gets you wanting more from the pop band, you can catch them on their headlining tour that will kick off later in February. Who knows, maybe they’ll even bust out a cover of “Starboy” live on stage?