Watch Skrillex Bring The Mothership Out Of Retirement


As far as stage productions go, few can compete with Skrillex‘s Mothership. As evidenced by the artwork of his 2014 album Recess, the “Scary Monsters” producer has a thing for aliens, and his Mothership tour in support of that record only further cemented his love of galactic visitors.

The Mothership featured a state of the art design in line with the sci-fi themes that inspired it, and was utilized for more than sixty performances before being decommissioned at the end of 2014. However, Skrillex brought the epic stage back out for another show over the weekend and you’ve gotta see the footage.

For his performance at the inaugural ComplexCon on Saturday night, Skrillex took the Mothership out of retirement for a set filled with many of his best known tunes. The whole show was taken to the next level by the impressive visual display churned out by his flying saucer themed stage.

The Mothership stage has definitely been missed since its last show in 2014, and we’re just glad Skrillex had the good grace to utilize it once more. Plenty of video footage of the performance has hit the internet for your viewing pleasure, and you can check out the Mothership in action below.