Watch Tove Lo’s New Fairy Dust Short Film


Tove Lo is showing off her creative side with the release of a thirty-minute short film entitled Fairy Dust. Teased for the past few weeks, Fairy Dust arrives just days after the artist unleashed her latest record, Lady Wood, and the video naturally features some the album’s tracks, such as “Influence,” “Cool Girl and many more.

The Fairy Dust film is ultimately part of a bigger picture. According to Tove Lo, it acts as the first installment of a two part series which involves another album, too. While Lady Wood’s Fairy Dust is about the “never ending escape” and “all the rushes” that come with it, the sequel LP’s film, Fire Fade, delves into what happens when the rush starts to come down. A new song from the sequel album can actually be heard in the end credits of Fairy Dust, but keep in mind that the scene is pretty NSFW.

While Tove Lo is giving back to fans with a tour announcement, a new album and a short film, she’s also reaping the benefits of her success with it all as well. Lady Wood is expected to land a top ten debut on the charts next week with early projections putting it in the 17,000-20,000 sales range – that would position it higher than her first album, Queen of the Clouds, which peaked at only number fourteen. Suffice to say, it’s an exciting time to be a fan of Tove Lo, and it looks like the best is yet to come.