Watch Zedd’s Moment Of Clarity Documentary


Zedd‘s rise to fame has been pretty extraordinary. The 25-year-old musician is incredibly talented and has taken the EDM world by storm in only a few short years. Now, the Grammy Award-winning producer has released a 30-minute documentary titled Moment of Clarity that gives fans a look into his career and some of the watershed moments that have helped define him.

Though I would have loved for the doc to go even more in-depth on Anton’s life and music, what’s here is definitely meaty enough to warrant a watch and thankfully, the video doesn’t just feel like a promo fluff piece.

It’s got some great insight from prominent people in the industry, as well as some of Zedd’s collaborators, and overall gives us an interesting look at one of EDM’s most exciting acts. It’s nice too that we get to see Zedd on a more personal level here, as he doesn’t do much press and this documentary allows him to open up about his life and his work ethic a little bit.

Check out Zedd‘s Moment of Clarity above and let us know what you think of it in the comments section!