The Weeknd Drops New Song “False Alarm”


The Weeknd isn’t waiting for people to get even a little bit tired of keeping “Starboy” on repeat before dropping another new song. Even though he came back with a bang with the Daft Punk-assisted jam last week, The Weeknd is striking while the iron’s hot with the release of “False Alarm.”

“False Alarm” finds the singer doing things he’s never done before. The fast tempoed track has steady verses that burst into a chorus with frantic drums, and a bridge that’s slow and sensual in typical Weeknd fashion. It’s a combination that suits the pop crooner well, and a breath of fresh air hearing a song that sounds like it came completely out of left field. Comparing this to the first track out, “Starboy,” it measures up effortlessly, and both have a huge pop sound that’ll most likely be expanded on more when it comes to the Starboy album, which is out on November 25th.

The release of “False Alarm” isn’t necessarily a surprise, since the track was the only other named one with a run time on Starboy’s iTunes pre-order. Though it’s odd that a giant artist would come out with new two songs in two weeks, The Weeknd is probably gearing up for his Saturday Night Live performance for October 1st where he’ll be playing both – and luckily for us, both songs are undeniably addictive.

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