The Weeknd Reveals Cover And Title For New Album Starboy


Fans of The Weeknd have been waiting for some information – any information at all – to hold them over ever since the pop crooner began his cryptic social media campaign on Twitter and Instagram. But now, it seems like their wishes have finally come true. The Weeknd decked out his social media recently to promote his new album, announcing the title and showing off fresh cover art for the record, which will be called Starboy.

The album art, which was shot by photographer and director Nabil Elderkin, depicts The Weeknd with head in hands, staring at the center of the camera. Donned in a black (or blue?) jacket, a red background supports him as a yellow “STARBOY” is written across the top. The cover is definitely colorful, but not obnoxiously so. Perhaps the most interesting thing about it is that it’s impossible to get a grasp on what the music inside will sound like.

Maybe those are the best kinds of cover, though – the ones that don’t blatantly represent the music, but instead have an underlying theme to them that begins to make sense within the context of the full record. Even though we got a title and an album art – which, to be fair, is a lot more than artists usually provide this early in an album cycle – we don’t have music or any idea of a release date yet. It’s a safe bet that more will be known soon, though, and that we’ll get see everything that The Weeknd’s Starboy will have to offer in the months to come.