Weezer Releases Video For “I Love The USA”


For a band that’s been around for as long as Weezer has, they sure know how to remain relevant and topical. The alternative rockers just released their patriotic music video for “I Love The USA,” right in the midst of election season – and what better way to scream “America” than to dress Patton Oswalt up in the nation’s colors?

The music video, which was directed by SCANTRON (the brains behind Panic! At The Disco’s latest video, “LA Devotee”), stars the comedian in the leading role, which shows him lip-syncing the track throughout the Oval Office shredding on a red, white, and blue guitar. The band makes a brief appearance towards the end of the video as Secret Service agents, helping end Oswalt’s reign as impromptu president.

The song joins “Thank God For Girls,” “King of the World,” and “L.A. Girlz” as tracks from the band’s latest record that were turned into a video. Much like its predecessors, “I Love The USA” is yet another entertaining clip added to the band’s videography. Though the track wasn’t initially featured on Weezer‘s The White Album this past April, it was later added as a bonus track for the deluxe edition, which released this past Friday.