WGTC Premiere: Darth Nader & Arcade – Hold You (ft. Juliet Annerino)


We’re pleased to be premiering another great track this week with Darth Nader & Arcade’s “Hold You.” Featuring Juliet Annerino’s soothing vocals, the deep house tune carries a groovy vibe with it that will have your feet shuffling on the dance floor in no time. It’s extremely catchy and easy to sing along to as well, which should bode well for its popularity.

“I partnered up with Arcade with a common goal on this track,” said Darth Nader. “We want to make electronic music more emotional and we’re doing this by creating tracks with a warm euphoric feeling, melodic vibes, incorporating live instruments, and delivering a meaningful message.”

Originally from Cairo, Egypt and now residing in Los Angeles, CA, Darth Nader is an up and coming producer who we discovered on SoundCloud through his tropical house track “Don’t You Let Me Go,” which has been receiving some solid blog support lately. Like “Hold You,” that song was also done with Arcade and now, the duo have two enjoyable pieces of work of work under their belts, both of which mark them as exciting artists to watch.

Give “Hold You” a listen above and let us know what you think of the track. Are you digging it? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know. And for more great music, be sure to follow us on SoundCloud.

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