Who Is DaBaby Dating?

It’s certainly no secret that North Carolina rapper DaBaby loves women. If you’ve seen any of his music videos or listened to his songs, then you know to expect at least a few lines or visuals involving females twerking as a precursor to often wild sexual activity. Of course, this is a common narrative in the world of mainstream hip hop that usually mirrors the rappers’ personal lives, as they’re constantly admired and hounded by females hoping to be intimate with them.

Even amidst the hundreds of women that most rappers “associate” with, male hip hop stars still manage to develop intimate relationships with their female peers. For a while, DaBaby was an exception to the rule, but no one can stay strong forever. Back in 2020, DaBaby and singer DaniLeigh made their relationship official after almost a year of speculation and social media jabs between DaniLeigh and DaBaby’s baby mama, Meme. 

The couple was first linked when the NC rapper featured her in their collaboration on their song, “Levi High.” At first, the couple denied the rumors, but then things became a little messy when Meme called DaniLeigh obsessed and accused the singer of blocking her, leading to an exchange of shady subtweets that implied DaniLeigh was already in a relationship with DaBaby.

According to Capital Xtra, DaniLeigh and DaBaby were caught publicly holding hands a few months later after DaniLeigh posted a photo of herself in bed with a man strongly resembling DaBaby. Then in December of 2020, DaniLeigh posted another snapshot of herself and DaBaby snuggling together with a caption that read, “My baby, idc.” Unfortunately, the bliss didn’t last, as both artists announced that they were single in Feb. of 2021. However, there’s still a chance that they could be seeing a lot more of each other.

Later in July, it was reported that DaniLeigh was pregnant after maternity photos surfaced on social media. The R&B artist and dance choreographer also confirmed the reports after the R&B singer posted pictures on Instagram showcasing her growing baby bump and included the hashtag “Da Biggest” underneath the photo, a term largely known to be used by DaBaby himself.

Thanks to that, many fans have speculated that the father of the unborn child is DaBaby given that he was DaniLeigh’s last known relationship. Recently, DaniLeigh has given birth to a baby girl⏤which happened sometime in August⏤and has posted videos of herself dancing while sporting a post-pregnancy stomach. If you take everything into account, the interval from December to August would place DaniLeigh’s pregnancy perfectly within the timeframe of their previous relationship.

Currently, DaBaby is still single and has not outright responded to any of the rumors regarding the newborn. However, he has hinted that he may be the father in a cryptic post on Instagram where he recently shared a few adorable photos alongside some of the little ones he’s responsible for looking after:

“3 pretty daughters, nieces & nephews to feed I ain’t goin out like no idiot ima OG,” DaBaby wrote in the caption.

For all of you DaBaby fans out there, you’re well aware of what this may mean. For anyone else who might not keep up with DaBaby’s personal life, here’s a little backstory. So far, DaBaby has one daughter with his ex-girlfriend and first baby mother, Meme. The couple welcomed Princess Renny in 2017. Then in 2020, DaBaby welcomed another daughter named Nova with an unidentified woman. That makes two girls that DaBaby has fathered already.

If the speculation is correct, then DaniLeigh’s newborn daughter makes three. With three kids by three different women, it looks like DaBaby is starting down the same path of rolling stone greatness as his predecessors, Nick Cannon and Lil Wayne.