Who Is Drake Signed To?

In 2021, Drake might be the biggest artist in the world. The household name hailing from Canada has come a long way since “Starting From the Bottom” and is now back at the top of the charts with the release of Certified Lover Boy.

The now 34-year-old, who has been releasing music since 2006, has put out six studio albums and a variety of other releases over the years, from mixtapes to singles and EPs. Whether it’s his rap songs or the smooth R&B ballads he’s become known for, every release seems to bring both hits and top-charting songs to the party.

A successful career in music comes with an equally important question: who is supporting Drake in his musical endeavors? A big part of the answer lies with his record label.

What Record Label Is Drake Signed To?

As of his latest release, Certified Lover Boy, Drake has released music through his own label, OVO Sound.

He launched the label back in 2012, signing on artists like PartyNextDoor and 40, but at the time Drake was still under contract with Universal Music Group.

Over the years, he worked through his contract with Universal, and his final release with them came in 2018’s full-length Scorpion. At that time, Drake essentially became a free agent, although it was no surprise that he found a new home at his own record label.

Being a part of OVO Sound means that Drake owns his own masters for Certified Lover Boy and any albums that will be released by the label in the future.