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Who is Fat Joe’s wife?

Puerto Rican rapper Fat Joe has been married for 26 years, but we know very little about his mysterious wife. Who is she? What's her secret?

Fat Joe
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Decades in the entertainment industry have cemented Fat Joe as a pillar of the rap world.

For years following his debut with 1993’s Represent, Fat Joe has been making consistent contributions to the world of music. He’s released nine solo albums in the decades since alongside five collaborative albums. He’s also appeared in a number of films, lending both his voice and his physical presence to releases like 2006’s Happy Feet, 2020’s Fearless, and 2018’s Night School.

His acting skills haven’t landed Fat Joe many callbacks, but the 51-year-old’s music has earned him broad recognition. He’s even won awards for his work, including the Billboard Latin Music Award for Latin Dance Club Plat Track of the Year.

As his career has grown, Fat Joe’s wife has been a steady and longstanding presence in his life. The rapper’s romantic life has undergone far less turmoil than most of his peers. Rather than enduring seemingly endless flings, Fat Joe found love early and kept it.

Fat Joe’s wife

Fat Joe and his wife have been married for a full 26 years, longer than plenty of people who aren’t forced to exist under the unyielding pressures of fame. His wife, Lorena Cartagena, has been by Fat Joe’s side through nearly everything, from career ups and downs to legal issues and weight loss. 

Cartagena keeps herself — and the three children she shares with Fat Joe — out of the spotlight. Her longstanding presence in the rapper’s life has given her plenty of time to learn the ins and outs of being a famous spouse, and she’s nearly perfected the craft.

Little is known about Cartagena, apart from her attachment to Fat Joe. While she is happily raising all three of his children, only one of the trio is biologically related to Cartagena. This hasn’t stopped her from being a stellar mother to all three of them, particularly given her well-established presence in their lives. 

Cartagena and Fat Joe have, like any couple, experienced issues over the years, but their relationship has survived each and every hurdle. The couple nearly split in 2012, according to The Things, but thankfully avoided divorce and ended up back together. They’ve experienced few issues since, if their cheerful social media presence is any indication.

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