Will Sparks Proves That Hip-Hop And Melbourne Bounce Don’t Mix With “My Time”


Melbourne bounce is already something of a shallow genre as it is, but I’ve spared it my verbal vitriol as it happens to be one of my guilty pleasures. Will Sparks has just released a track that I can’t help but ridicule, however, for its patently disjointed stylistic synthesis.

For the first minute and a half of “My Time,” Melbourne grime emcee Alex Jones delivers longwinded verses over a melodramatic strings section. What follows after is a Melbourne bounce drop that would be catchy enough by its own merit if it didn’t clash so noticeably with everything that came before it in the arrangement.

Even though so many electronic music artists are attempting to redefine their sound in the post-EDM landscape, it would behoove them to stay genuine lest their music starts to sound as forced as “My Time.” Even in the face of a mass exodus from the main stage, I maintain that artists like Will Sparks should stick to what they know.