Will Sparks Reveals Future House Remix Of AlunaGeorge’s “I’m In Control”


Guess what: Will Sparks put out a remix, and it isn’t Melbourne bounce. The Australian DJ/producer might not be the first artist you’d expect to release a future house version of AlunaGeorge’s “I’m In Control,” but what he’s delivered demonstrates his stylistic versatility.

Glassy synth work and a gravelly bass line accompany AlunaGeorge’s verses for several measures of the Will Sparks remix. Invigorating percussive elements almost trick you into expecting a more main stage-friendly drop, but pitch-shifted vocal cuts underscored by reverberant bass make for a decidedly more danceable section.

Interestingly, Sparks mentioned in the SoundCloud blurb for the remix that it “didn’t get accepted officially.” While AlunaGeorge didn’t announce an “I’m In Control” remix contest for the public at any point, his remark suggests that a remix series is probably not that far down the road.

Nonetheless, by my measure, Will Sparks‘ remix of “I’m In Control” by AlunaGeorge makes for a respectable departure from his signature style.