Wiwek And Audio Bullys Serve Up Some Jungle Terror With “Rebels”


Since the turn of the year, Wiwek has come out swinging. The “jungle terror” producer collaborated with none other than Valentino Khan on a track a few weeks ago, and he’s already returned with another joint effort alongside UK grime duo Audio Bullys titled “Rebels.”

Featuring much of the visceral synth stabs and rumbling bass that have come to be associated with Wiwek’s signature sound, “Rebels” is also rife with the sort of wonk that has become a staple of UK grime. The wind-up music box-like melody is accompanied by aggressive verses which in no small part contribute to its primal ambience – although the lyrics themselves admittedly leave a bit to be desired.

Now that Wiwek has taken to calling his particular brand of electronic music jungle terror, it only makes sense that he would start accumulating a more dedicated fan base in 2016.

Check back for more releases from the up-and-coming artist in the months to follow and let us know what you think of this track by commenting below.

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