WOLFE Teams Up With Emma Sameth On “Under The Covers”


Up and comer WOLFE has a fresh single out today, teaming up with singer Emma Sameth on “Under The Covers.” On their new collaboration, they deliver an upbeat future bass cut with an original sound and some catchy vocal hooks.

“Under The Covers” kicks off with captivating synth arpeggios and smoky atmosphere as Emma Sameth’s vocals craft an alluring narrative. As hand claps keep the beat going, WOLFE injects pizzicato strings beneath her voice, building up to powerful future bass drops. Whining synth leads explode over rolling trap beats and intense chord splashes, resulting in energetic dance sections with strong melodic leanings. The tune cycles through another verse and drop before coming to a conclusion at just over three minutes.

In the wake of EDM crossover hits like The Chainsmokers’ “Closer,” future bass has quickly become one of the most popular dance sub genres of the moment, but WOLFE manages to utilize the style to deliver a unique production in spite of over crowding. With some excellent vocal contributions from Emma Sameth, “Under The Covers” ranks as an addicting tune that will have you hitting the replay button.