Wolfgang Gartner Dishes Up Retro House On “Devotion”


After breaking his lengthy hiatus earlier in the year with the release of his sophomore album 10 Ways To Steal Home Plate, Wolfgang Gartner is back to deliver his final single of 2016. Titled “Devotion,” the new song serves as a retrospective of the last twenty years in house music, juxtaposed against some more modern production elements.

“Devotion” opens with a twinkling arpeggio melody as falsetto vocals and gradually intensifying percussion enter the mix. After a brief introduction, Gartner pushes the energy to its peak as the song moves into the drop, driven by shuffling house rhythms, rubbery deep house bass stabs and soulful crooning. Gartner keeps the structure simple, devoting much of the runtime to the song’s thumping drop.

Talking about the inspiration behind “Devotion,” Wolfgang Gartner stated that the song is a culmination of his house roots.

“Devotion” embodies all the different veins of house music that I have loved and produced over the past 20+ years.

While “Devotion” deviates from the electro sound that brought Wolfgang Gartner to prominence, the blend of various house styles both new and old makes for an enticing listen. Between the energetic rhythms and the catchy vocal hooks, there’s plenty here for fans to enjoy.