New World Punx Drop Explosive New Single “Bang!”


New World Punx, the brainchild of Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten, released a monster of a track today called “Bang!”, serving as the duo’s fourth release under the moniker.

Schulz and Corsten set the pace right from the get go, opening “Bang!” with a driving four on the floor kick drum and explosive tribal percussion, while a clanking electro-bassline roars in the background. After nearly a minute, the drums fade into silence as a synthesized melody quietly enters the speakers. The two producers build up the energy, as swells of white noise and rising arpeggios pick up the steam. A vocoded voice repeats throughout the track, commanding listeners to “bang to the beat of the drum.”

New World Punx seem dis-concerned with common EDM structures on “Bang!”, taking their time to let the energy grow organically, while bringing each sound as far as it can go within the composition. There are no cheap tricks employed, as the two producers rely on heavy percussion and repeating melodies to craft a high octane dancefloor banger that delivers on fan expectations.