Wyclef Jean Will Run For President of Haiti

Wyclef Jean is going to try and become the next President of Haiti. All Hip Hop reports that the hip-hop star will make an official announcement next week. The Haiti native is a very talented artist and has sold millions of records worldwide.

Jean has always been a strong supporter of his home country and after the earthquake, he helped to raise over $10 million in just three short months. The people of Haiti love him and he is predicted to win the election.

He has strong financial backing and some very powerful connections. He is already a hero to the people of the country and a lot of the Haitian youth look up to him.

Personally I would love to see Wyclef Jean as the President of Haiti. He’s a very well respected artist and he truly does care about his home country. I think he would do a great job in the role and the people of Haiti would love him.

For those unfamiliar with Wyclef, I’ve included a video below of my favorite song by him, it’s called Sweetest Girl.