The xx’s “On Hold” Sees New Dance Remix


It’s been a whirlwind of emotions for The xx fans leading up to their recent batch of announcements pertaining to a new album. Not only did they tease new music via mysterious clips uploaded to their Spotify playlist, but their new single, “On Hold,” found the band venturing in some newer upbeat territory. The song also samples Hall & Oates, and a dance-y new remix from Godmode pokes fun at Daryl Hall’s response to the track.

Being a part of Hall & Oates means that you have to deal with a lot of artists sampling your work, and luckily, the guys are pretty cool with it … as long as they get their money. Hall commented on The xx’s comeback single supporting the sample, ending his statement with, “Have fun and pay me.”

Naturally, the remix is named after that part of the quote, and the remix adds plenty of fun to the already energetic song. With house vibes implanted throughout, Nick Sylvester’s rework of the track just merely scratches the surface of the potential remixes we might see for the track in the near future.

“On Hold” is going to be featured The xx’s upcoming album, I See You, which is scheduled for release on January 13th.