YG Entertainment responds to all rumors of Blackpink leaving the agency for The Black Label

Screengrab via YouTube/BLACKPINK

News surrounding BLACKPINK‘s possible transfer from the powerhouse YG Entertainment started flooding the internet earlier today. But thankfully, the K-Pop group has finally addressed the rumors and put an end to the speculations.

According to a report by KpopHerald, a popular news website from the K-Pop stratosphere, the five-member global success from South Korea was allegedly on its way to cutting ties with their company. All rumors were later on denied by YG.

According to the news shared by the website, and later on, by Pop Base on Twitter, Blackpink and YG formalized the finalization of their contracts earlier this year. Initially, the rumors stated that the K-Pop group was joining The Black Label, a company known for housing some of K-Pop’s largest soloists, including Somi, Teddy Park, and Zion. T. The company was founded in 2015 as a YG associate label led by YG producers Teddy and Kush.

In spite of the bittersweet response in celebration of BLACKPINK’s possible transfer, YG denied all the reports a few hours later. Naver, the popular South Korean news source, made the announcement that YG Entertainment had finally responded to the rumors, confirming that all the reports were false.

YG Entertainment has vehemently denied BLACKPINK’s transfer to The Black Label. An official source from YG Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as YG) said, in regards to the rumors that the group will join The Black Label after the end of their contract, were “untrue.”

Fans of the group, also known as BLINKS, appeared to be divided in face of all the rumors surrounding BLACKPINK. While some were relieved at the group’s possible separation from YG Entertainment, derived from the company’s constant delay in albums and comebacks, other fans weren’t nearly as supportive. “Don’t celebrate literally look at Somi,” one fan replied, referring to Somi’s own spaced-out singles and albums while under The Black Label.

Another fan brought in the possibility of YG releasing a new girl group, in reference to 2NE1’s disbanding. The old-school group was let go by YG Entertainment in favor of debuting BLACKPINK instead. While the reports were denied by the company, the fan’s theory hit the nail on the head: the company is indeed planning to debut a new girl group in the near future.

While YG Entertainment did deny any separation from BLACKPINK, the girl group is still not expected to have any possible comebacks in the near future considering their recent album release, Born Pink. The K-Pop group’s discography is surprisingly short, with only two studio albums under their name, as opposed to their six years in the industry, though they have also been semi-active between ambassador work and their musical endeavors.

Born Pink can be found and streamed on Spotify.