New York Rapper Bam Releases Video For Heavy

I personally believe that all up and comers in the music scene deserve all the attention they can get. If an artist has talent and ambition, then they should have no problem finding support. Not many people have the luxury of finding success through connections or the work of others, so it’s always great to see someone become a big name through a DIY work ethic. On that note, allow me to introduce you to Bam, a young rapper coming out of New York with something to say.

Today marked the release of his first video for the song Heavy, which features an awesome beat that samples Florence & The Machine‘s Heavy In Your Arms. Not only is the beat catchy, but Bam isn’t too bad of a rapper himself. Spewing lyrics that call into question government practices, Bam is off to a strong start with Heavy.

I personally can’t wait to hear what Bam can do with some more experience. Check out the video below and be sure to follow Bam on Twitter at @iambammusic!