This YouTube Playlist Of Unreleased Deadmau5 Tracks Will Dominate Your Day


Few artists possess a discography as celebrated by both old school and new school electronic music fans alike as progressive house icon deadmau5. For that reason alone, when word gets out that almost 100 unreleased tracks from the controversial DJ/producer have found their way onto a public YouTube playlist, it’s bound to make some ripples in the scene – especially because some of them are really good.

Since October 2013, a YouTube user with the handle Max24s has meticulously scoured deadmau5′ live stream podcasts for unreleased IDs and uploaded them onto a 94-track playlist. Much of what populates the playlist are simple tool tracks, but every third song or so a masterpiece finds its way into the mix. Many of them are obviously unfinished and/or early versions of actual releases, but each track peels back another layer from a complicated creative mind that’s become such a ubiquitous part of the electronic music landscape.

So that settles it – you’ve gotta clear your schedule for the day and listen to this playlist of unreleased deadmau5 tracks from start to finish.

Source: Your EDM