Zedd Asks Us Why Do We Have To Be So Rude?


Though it’s not getting an official release until September 2nd, Zedd has uploaded his hugely popular remix of Magic!’s Rude to his SoundCloud account, giving us the chance to hear what has been one of the hottest remixes of the summer.

If you’ve been lucky enough to catch the 24-year-old DJ live at any point over the last couple of months, you’ve definitely heard this one (I’ve seen him twice and he played the remix both times). Anton has been teasing his unique spin on Magic!’s hit song for a while now and while we weren’t expecting it to appear online until next week, it looks like he’s decided to give us an early sneak peak, just in time for Labor Day Weekend, too.

Those who are familiar with the DJ’s earlier work will be able to tell right away that this is pure Zedd, through and through. He takes what was otherwise a mostly sleepy track and kicks it up a notch, infusing it with huge synths, crisp sound design and some funky house piano keys, turning it into a bonafide dance hit.

Check out the Rude remix below and let us know if you think Zedd has struck gold again. Although, I think we all know the answer to that already.

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