Zedd And Selena Gomez Want You To Know That Their New Single Drops Next Week



We all knew that Zedd has been working on a huge new single with his lovebird Selena Gomez, but up until today, we hadn’t been given a release date. Taking to social media, Anton has now remedied that by announcing “I Want You To Know” will drop on February 23rd.

The upcoming track from “Zeddlena” is sure to be a big one, what with both artists’ mainstream popularity reaching an all-time high recently. Expect much radio play on the song and a solid chart position. Aside from that though, we’re really not too sure what these two have in store for us, but we’re definitely excited to find out. Selena’s beautiful vocals mixed with Zedd’s masterful production should result in something pretty special.

Check back next week as we’ll have the song for you once it’s released. For now, though, take a look at Zedd‘s Facebook post below and let us know what you think he has cooked up for us.

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