ZHU Premieres New Genesis Track, Modern Conversation


ZHU knows how to capture our attention, and his new Genesis Series has done just that.

Amongst the supreme talent of his collaborators, he’s been releasing a new track every week, and they’ve yet to disappoint. “Modern Conversation” is the latest installment of the series, featuring Vancouver Sleep Clinic and Daniel Johns. It’s a semi-disturbing, but oh-so-soothing track that centers around a rough cut ambience.

Premiered on Triple J, “Modern Conversation” is a meticulously crafted house tune, with the ruffled vocal processing indicative of a ZHU production. Evocative synths team up with a melancholy bell toll, and some seriously 90’s influenced scratches. But no one can deny the real highlight here is an emotionally charged guitar riff to cap an essentially flawless track.

Feast your ears on ZHU’s “Modern Conversation” above and let us know what you think.