ZHU And Skrillex Finally Drop Working For It


It’s finally here! Premiered at CRSSD and freshly released via YouTube, “Working For It” has all the bass scrubs you love from ZHU along with Skrillex’s subtle approach as heard on “El Chapo.”

While Sonny’s presence on the track isn’t as pronounced as many anticipated, “Working For It” complements the Genesis Series beautifully, keeping on point with the emotionally charged premise of previous installments.

THEY’s vocals breathe over a delicately composed backdrop, with fully structured percussion laying down the bones for the track’s rippling horn lead. Keyboards and guitar add flavorful embellishments, and the bassline is exactly what we wished for. E

verything ZHU has released with the Genesis Series is flawlessly executed, and this is no exception. It’s remarkable what he’s been able to accomplish without compromising the integrity of the concept, despite working with so many collaborators.